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It’s a very difficult task of defeating a team with Malkin, Crosby, Guerin, etc. It is extremely difficult to beat that team in their own building. It is next to impossible to beat that team when the game is called 1-sided. Most of the calls they made against the Rangers were…tolerable. Some were borderline, some were blatant, so whatever, you take the bad with the good, and trust that it will even out. Instead the Rangers get called for an unbelievable 5 minute major on what looked like a completely clean hit….a 5 minute major for interference?! Holy crap are you freaking kidding me? Amazingly the Rangers were able to kill off all the power plays against, but they took their toll, the Rangers simply could not contend with that much pressure against, and eventually a crack opened up, Sidney Crosby plowed right through it and scored.

I can almost deal with the bad calls, I can almost deal with the horrific major call. But what really pisses me off were the sheer volume of noncalls that the Rangers got on their end. How many freaking times were we pulled down, interfered with, tripped, etc and there was just no call at all? Avery must have been knocked down 5 times nowhere near the puck, no calls whatsoever. Antropov skated by a guy, lightly bumped him, he goes flying, penalty. Please. Speaking of Antropov, he was tripped up, right in front of the ref, no call. 30 seconds later Dubinsky is standing alone in front of the net, guy wraps two hands around him and hauls him down, no call. Zherdev gets tripped up, no call.

That is what pissed me off. If youre going to call a shit game, at least call it both ways. Don’t just screw over one team. That team is way too good, and way too tough to beat as it is, but reffing the game this way makes it more or less impossible.

I give the Rangers a lot of credit for hanging in there, and playing well, I though Henrik played quite well myself, despite what some idiots out there are saying. The 4 goals he gave up, 3 were on breakaways or odd man rushes, one of which was a deflected shot, and the 4th goal was one where he made the first save, made a rebound save, and then finally the 3rd whack at it went up and over him. He stopped Crosby point blank about 3 times, and was under constant siege. While MAF made the best save of the game, on Antropov as time was winding down, Henrik was under way more pressure than him. It is sheer stupidity the way people are blaming Henrik for this loss. You people need to wake the hell up and understand that if you are expecting you goalie to stop every breakaway, to stop every odd man rush, to stop 1, 2, 3, 4 shots in a row point blank, then no goalie in the history of the game will stand up to that test. Henrik was there, and made the saves we need him to, we just couldnt get over 1)the slow start, and 2)the abysmal reffing.

I am not disappointed in the team tonight, I am angry at the hockey world, I feel like we have our backs against the wall, with everyone on all sides trying to screw us. I hope the Rangers feel that way too, because I want to see them come out and shove it down the Devils throats Monday night.

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