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The genius about tonights win is that it was John Tortorella, essentially, defeating Tom Renney. I know, it may be a bit of a stretch, but really, Jacques Lemaire was playing Tom Renney hockey before Tom Renney knew what Tom Renney hockey was. The unfortunate thing though, is that Lemaire dictated how todays game was going to be played. Despite Tortorellas brilliant system, the Rangers were bogged down by a disgusting display of defensive hockey that makes you want to throw up…or possibly sleep….or maybe throw up, in your sleep. Regardless though, the Rangers scored 2 goals directly off of forecheck pressure because they did not vacate the zone, instead going in and keeping the puck. Under Lemaire, and Renney, this does not happen. However, because of that style of hockey, you are able to stay in just about every game (unless its just a lopsided blowout) which did happen tonight. The Wild, despite being grossly outplayed for 95% of the game, were only a goal down, and that ended up being the final score.

Is anyone else surprised that Marian Gaborik wants to get out of Minnesota so desperately? I can’t blame him, who the hell would want to spend their career playing that kind of hockey…unless you are getting grossly overpaid like Drury, Gomez, or Redden. I still stand by my assertion that the Rangers should have done whatever it took to get rid of one of those contracts at the deadline, and go and acquire Gaborik for the stretch run. That’s a guy who would excel in this kind of a system.

Anyone else feel bad for Henrik when he gave up that early goal against the Wild and saw his save percentage fall to like .833 just because the Rangers did such a great job of keeping the Wild away from getting shots on goal? What…just me? Well, at least he finished with a .947 save percentage for the game, so all is not lost.

The funny thing about this game though, was that despite it “technically” being a nailbiter, I never really felt like we would lose this. I felt it would be close, but it didn’t cross my mind, even for a second, that we would lose. Either I am getting cocky, or I just believe in this team way more than I ever thought possible.

Next game is against the Thrashers. I’m going to see if I can get some free tix since I can’t really afford to be spending money on hockey tickets right now. Hopefully I will be able to put some post game thoughts after being their live. I only get to see the team twice a year, so it would be a shame to lose that opportunity.

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