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When you’re hot, you’re hot. That’s all there is to say about this team. Right now they are playing as confidently as any team in the league, and its showing. Even tonight, in a game where the really weren’t as sharp as they should have been, they still were the better team. Now don’t get me wrong, they didn’t just half ass a win here, like they’ve done oh-so-many times under Renney. No, we definitely deserved the 2 points, but we weren’t at the top of our game either.

I think that’s one thing you really have to take away from this team. We are trending upwards, and we still haven’t hit our apex yet. I still have yet to see the Rangers play at their absolute best for a game. Their best effort might have been against the Hurricanes in their loss, but regardless they played more than well enough to win tonight, and continue to look like a team poised to do some damage in the playoffs.

Of course getting to the playoffs is the first step, and the Rangers just did themselves a world of a favor by winning, in regulation, against the Sabres, while getting some help by a major choke job courtesy of the Panthers.

Remember, right now the 2 teams that can theoretically push the Rangers out of the playoffs are the Panthers and the Sabres, other than that, its just jostling for positioning. But to me the first step has to be to get in, then you worry about positioning. Right now, by my calculations the magic number to eliminate Florida is 17 (without having to worry about tiebreakers) and for the Sabres it is 13 points. Rangers have 10 games remaining to get that, so it’s not a foregone conclusion that we are in, not by any stretch of the imagination, but we got quite a bit closer tonight, getting 4 point swings against both teams.

What really stood out tonight though was the Rangers ability to bend, but not break. They gave up some goals, they weren’t sharp at the beginning or at the end, but everytime they seemed to bend a little, they snapped back into place with a clutch play, or a goal, or a penalty kill or what not. Henrik wasn’t elite, but he wasn’t awful either. I thought he had a very good game. He probably could have stopped one or two of those goals, but they weren’t softies, they were just goals I have seen Henrik stop at various times throughout the year. (The final 2)

That’s all for now. HUGE game tomorrow night against the red hot and extremely talented Ottawa Senators. I sure as hell hope Torts is getting his team prepared for this one, the Senators are a very strong team right now, and I would treat this as a playoff game as well. No gimme here, for sure.

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