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So, I’ve had ample time to really think about todays happenings and here is the thought I have. No team in the NHL has improved as much as the Rangers have in the past 2 weeks. NOBODY.

Yeah, I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes. Whatever Inferno, the kool-aid you are drinking must be awfully strong…

Maybe you are right, but the way I look at it is this. We added one of the 3 best coaches in the game today (in my personal opinion). We added the single best agitator in the game today. We added a legitimate 25-30 goal scorer. We added an adequate defenseman. We got bigger. We got stronger. We got more talented. We got a more aggressive system. And we gained some cap flexibility for next season. All that cost us was some combination of Tom Renney, Reitz, Kalinin, Prucha, Dawes, and a 2nd round draft pick.

Sounds great to me! Honestly, I just went from thinking this club may barely squeak into the playoffs, to thinking this club may actually be able to advance a round or 2 WHEN they make the playoffs. That is pretty damn amazing. Honestly, to me the biggest move in the entire NHL was Tom Renney leaving and Tortorella coming in. I know people look at me as a Renney hater, but to me, let’s just forget about Renney here and look at Torts. He’s an NHL champion, he’s the guy Team USA wants to coach their club, and he’s a man who preaches accountability, and team concept above all else. There is basically not a single aspect about John that isn’t ideal for a head coach in the NHL. The only weakness he may have his is less than diplomatic way of handling things with the press, other than that, he’s basically perfect. Next you take the vanillaist team in the NHL, and add the most non-vanilla player in the entire NHL to it. That is a monstrous upgrade. Avery brings intensity, Avery brings hitting, Avery brings aggressiveness, Avery draws penalties. Avery has speed…in short, Sean Avery is built to play John Tortorella hockey. Next you have Nik Antropov. Big, excellent hands, point-shot tipper extraordinaire. What we have been lacking on the power play, besides a canon for a point shot, is a big man to set up in front, get garbage goals, and get those tip in goals. While Drury tried valiantly, he is still a midget and is probably most effective in Ilya Kovalchuks office (left circles waiting for the 1-time slapper). Antro gives us the guy to get those hard to get goals, and who will get those tip ins. He is also an incredibly talented player who, like Zherdev, has never reached his enormous potential. There is a reason this guy was a top 10 pick. Gigantic players with hands, speed, and skill don’t grow on trees. Finally you have Derek Morris. In short, he’s better than Kalinin. He’s not great, he’s grossly overpaid, and extremely overrated…but he is better than Kalinin, and is an expiring contract, so whatever, I’m ok with it.

Right now, I am fairly happy. I still wish we got rid of one of our large contracts, and took the gamble on Marian Gaborik. Oh well, maybe in the offseason.

Tomorrow should be interesting.

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