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Prior to tonights game, I went on to all the message boards, and the NYRangersCast site and predicted a Rangers 7-1 victory. Now, while it is cool that I was a Brandon Dubinsky faux goal away from that score, the more interesting thing is why I made the bold prediction. It’s not because I feel the Avalanche are a pathetic team, or that I had a gut feeling, or anything else. The reason is plain and simple. They deserved a win like this.

After trouncing the Maple Leafs…and somehow losing. After demolishing the Panthers….and somehow losing. The New York Rangers were without a doubt deserving of a win tonight. Because you simply can not play as well as these guys have, and continue to lose games. No, strike that. You simply can not play as well as these guys have, and not blow out the opposition. It really all comes back to my theory on hockey. Play the game right, and the results will come, especially over a large sample size.

We play well, we deserve to win. It’s just that we haven’t been getting the deserved results since Torts took over. Now we are, and I think the results are likely to continue.

With that said, I still do not feel this is a club capable of winning a Stanley Cup, and therefore I don’t think we should “go for it” and try to load up at the deadline. It’s just stupid to do so. But I will leave that for my next article.

I am going to leave you with this. KellyKisio11 on the ECSF boards made the following statement:

I don’t get how it’s possible that Renney was telling them not to play like this.

To which I responded (edited for language):

His system is built to be passive till the red line, then try to collectively hold the blueline. its a territorial white flag system. we give away 1/2 the effing ice playing his style of hockey. By attacking more in the neutral zone and in the offensive zone, we dont have to defend so effing much.

We sucked because we dont have the puck. Even the best defensive clubs in the world will wilt against never ending pressure. The real problem is how quickly we vacate the offensive zone in Renneys system. There is just no effing pressure playing his style. As soon as you lose the puck, or you might possibly lose the puck, everyone starts retreating. Its a wussy style of hockey, and thats why it sucks. Only time we were successful is when individuals played outstanding within the confines of his system. ts why we were so dependant on Jagr, the system more or less dictates that you need to have elite individual talents to hold on to the puck and make things happen all on their lonesome.

So in that aspect, you are right, the Rangers lack the talent to play Tom Renney hockey. You literally need a team with Jagr, AO, Crosby, etc to score goals within the confines of that suffocating system. But collectively this team has MORE THAN ENOUGH talent to put the puck in the net when put into a more sensible system for their talent level. They dont have enough elite players, but they dont have many bottom feeding talent either. They are a fairly balanced team with, in my humble opinion, 9 players who could all play on the 2nd line of most of the teams out there. Thats balance.

Were not as bad as we look under Renney…thats all ive been saying since for-effing-ever. Its just that his style is so not suited for us.

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