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Come on now, let’s be real guys. Do you honestly think these guys made it all the way from mites, to juniors to the AHL to the NHL without being able to bury the kind of chances they missed tonight? Come on now, you guys are smarter than that. We know what the problem is with the Rangers. It’s NOT, I repeat, NOT, because they are unable to bury the chances they got tonight. It’s because they are so overthinking and squeezing their sticks that they can not do ANYTHING right.

It’s all part of the systemic problems from Tom Renneys system that has leaked over to Torts’ first few games. I’ll say it again, do you honestly think Ryan Callahan made the NHL when he is incapable of elevating a puck 1/2 a foot off the ice? Do you think Rozsival did too? Do you think Scott Gomez made the NHL when he absolutely drew a blank on what to do with a wide open net staring him in the face? Do you think Brandon Dubinsky made the NHL while being able to execute a toe drag, but not being able to make contact with the puck on a shot?

It really has gotten to the point of almost comical absurdity as the Rangers severely outplayed the Panthers tonight. They looked like the Harlem Globetrotters playing against 6 year olds. They were everywhere, had the puck on a string, and could do everything they wanted out there….except score. Nobody can be that unlucky for much longer. It’s a simple law of probability. The pucks will eventually go in if they continue to get these chances. They played a very good team tonight, who had a goalie on top of his game, and they just couldn’t finish. There is no explanation that really can tell you why. Voodoo, Ouija boards, et al make about as much sense as anything. But I have a feeling that once those goals come, like 1 or 2 of them in a row, the flood gates will pour open.

It really all comes down to sticking with it and believing in the work they are doing.

Now, with all that said, I still feel that this team needs to become sellers at the deadline. Their single biggest problem is they are cap sunk for the foreseeable future, and no matter what they do in the playoffs this season, their future is royally screwed. We also have a surplus of unproductive players who aren’t making that much money, and unproductive players who are making a lot of money.

In a perfect world where GM’s do what I tell them to do, this is what I would do if I were GM of the Rangers.

Trade Nigel Dawes for whatever you can get for him.

Release/Trade Aaron Voros

Pick up Sean Avery through re-entry waivers.

Trade Markus Naslund for a 1st rounder. I feel he can definitely fetch that much to a playoff contender, if not more.

Trade Wade Redden to Columbus or Calgary (both of whom wanted him badly) for whatever you can get, preferably draft picks. Redden has played brilliantly as of late, and its the perfect time to try to unload him.

Trade Scott Gomez to the Minnesota Wild for the rights to Marian Gaborik along with a 24 hour signing window, and lock up Gabby to a similar contract that Gomez got.

It is a very risky move to trade Gomez for Gaborik, but when healthy, Gaborik is one of the 5 best scorers in the game, and can play a 2-way game. He may be healthy, he may be a lost cause, but if hes hurt, you at least rid yourself of Gomez’s contract, because Gaborik on LTI doesnt count against the cap.

Then I would strip the captaincy away from Chris Drury and give it to Brandon Dubinsky. I know it sounds like a rash move to make, but in my personal opinion, Dubinsky is already the leader of this team from everything I have seen out there. He shows heart, he talks to the press, he stands up for his teammates, he does whatever it takes to win. Dubinsky is the captain of this team, just make it official.

Then I would run these lines out there.

Gaborik Dubinsky Zherdev
Avery Drury Callahan
Prucha Anisimov Korpedo
Sjostrom Betts Orr

Staal Rozsival
Mara Girardi
Kalinin Reitz/Potter/Sauer

It’s no worse than what we already put out there, and its at least 10.5 million dollars cheaper.

You can then offer Marian Hossa a 7 year 56 million dollar contract in the offseason. And have a team like this next year…

Gaborik Dubinsky Hossa
Avery Drury Zherdev
Callahan Anisimov Korpedo
Sjostrom Betts Orr

Staal Rozsival
Sanguinetti Girardi
Mara Sauer

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