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Posted this on the HFBoards earlier tonight, felt it was worth sharing…

Just some thoughts. By the reaction of some posters, youd think Renney was diagnosed with cancer of the puppy rather than losing his head coaching job.

Ill go on record, Im HAPPY the guy is gone. Good bye, see you later, dont let the door hit you on the way out.

People are confusing his classy nature with his ability to coach, and I see a major distinction there.

In my personal opinion, Tom Renney was a HIGHLY overrated coach here who had rode the coat tails of Jaromir Jagr these past years. Without Jagr his complete ineptitude behind the bench really showed in spades.

Chart the Rangers success and youll see a 1:1 correlation to Jaromir Jagrs production.
3 years ago, Jagr goes apeshit out of the gate, Rangers are in first place. Jagr comes back from the olympic break a little hurt from the hit from Ruutu, doesnt continue his torrid pace, Rangers start losing. Jagr gets hurt, Rangers get swept.

2 years ago, Jagr is “OK” for most of the season, and as a direct result, the Rangers are unable to do anything, they are spiraling out of control out of the playoff picture. Sean Avery is brought in, Jaromir Jagr suddenly starts to score again, and the Rangers claw back in and make the playoffs..barely, where they meet a green team that has never made the playoffs in their franchise history, that is immediately swept out. Rangers advance to the 2nd round, where they are dismissed by the Sabres in 6 games.

Next season Jaromir Jagr is completely unable to function with any of the players brought in, he is completely unable to be Jaromir Jagr. The Rangers plummet down the standings, till Jagr is united with Brandon Dubinsky and goes apeshit again, on pace for 97 points during his time played with Dubinsky. The Rangers dispatch the Devils who badly outplayed the Rangers, but are unable to get past a red hot Lundqvist, and Brodeur is AWFUL between the pipes letting the Rangers get by, the Rangers play a Pittsburgh team that is far more than a 1 man show in Jagr, and are absolutely dominated by that team. In that span Renney manages to play Ryan Hollweg who takes one of the most boneheaded boarding penalties in the history of the game…which shouldnt be surprising considering Hollweg has already done this exact same thing 3 times during the actual season.

This season, no Jagr, and the Rangers are just a 1 man show. Renney is completely unable to do anything…because he has CONSISTENTLY been able to do NOTHING with the players he has been given. He depends on Lundqvist to win every game 1-0, Lundqvist plays damn near God-like with an inhuman start to the season, the Rangers rocket up the standings, but Lundqvist is unable to play like a god for more than a few weeks, and the cracks begin to show in Lundqvists armor. Rangers start to lose games, are unable to score, and there is no Jagr to bail them out. Lundqvist is still there to keep the games close, to get them to the shootout where he can dominate, but he can’t put the puck in the net. Rangers start to spiral out of control. No Jagr there to save our asses

Don’t feel bad for Renney, feel bad for Jagr who was treated so badly by this organization on his way out when HE, and Henrik Lundqvist are the 2 sole reasons this franchise has pulled itself out of the decade of despair.

Save me your sanctimonious lectures about a man needing to feed his family. This is a business, and in business if you dont perform, you lose youre job end of story.

Renney has been given ample talent and ample opportunities to better the results that he has been given. Last season I said something I stand by now more than ever. No coach has ever gotten so little out of so much talent than Tom Renney did with last years team. Gomez, Drury, Straka, Dubinsky, Jagr, Shanahan, Avery, Prucha, Dawes, Callahan, Sjostrom, Betts, Orr….and yet we were 25th in the NHL in terms of offensive production. You can not seriously expect me to believe that there were 24 more “talented” teams out there than that group right there. Add to that Tyutin, Mara, Staal, Girardi, and whoever for that last spot, and you have a more than competent defensive backfield. That club should have ripped through the eastern conference. Im sorry but there is no excuses, NONE for those guys being unable to score.

And yet the excuses continued to mount, Renney doesnt have enough talent, ok lets get him talent, we still cant score, well Renney doesnt have enough leadership, ok lets get him leadership, ok well Renney had Jagr holding him back and doesnt have a roster hes comfortable with, ok lets get rid of Jagr and give him a team that he has 100% either had a hand in drafting, signing, or traded for. Ok, now Renney doesnt have enough talent again.

Say What?

Excuses, thats all the guy ever gets. Hes a nice guy so people want to pull punches with him. Thats unacceptable to me. Thats a loser mentality that can perpetuate itself for YEARS. Its why I was so sick and tired of hearing the Dominic Moore and Jed Ortemeyer apologists. Accepting mediocrity because a player (or coach) shows a lot of heart or class is absolutely unacceptable. I demand more. We have more talent on this team now than we did in Renneys first year.

Unquestionably, unequivocally this team is more talented than the one he had coming out of the lockout. Theres a reason that roster was picked to be dead last out of the gate. Nylander, Straka, Jagr, were all “past their primes” (same excuse i hear for Naslund and Shanahan), Rucinsky? are you kidding me?

We had a roster with Ryan Hollweg, Jason Ward, Blair Betts, Jed Ortmeyer, and Colton Orr for crying out loud. Dubinsky, Callahan, and Korpedo have more talent in their pinky fingers than those guys have combined. What we do not have now that we had then is Jaromir Jagr to hide all of coach Renneys deficiencies. Jagr loved Renney because Renney never told him what to do. With Renney it was always, here ya go Jagr, do what you gotta do! and we did.

It also showed when Kevin Weekes was in net just how bad that team was defensively as well. We would consistently get blown out in games he started because our defense wasnt all that great either.

2 man team. Never a great defense, never a great offense, just 2 great players playing out of their effing minds carrying this team on their backs. Get rid of 1/2 the equation, and the house of cards all comes crumbling down. Renney had to go, and IMHO they couldnt have picked a better man to replace him with. Tortarella is a guy who gets what it is to be an NHL coach, he gets accountability, he gets offensive game plans, he gets playing to your strengths. I dont expect miracles overnight, but I feel strongly that this club has taken one monumentally huge step forward today.

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