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Want to hear a sickening stat?

Are you sure you do? It might make you throw up all over your keyboard.

Ok, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The New York Rangers have scored 2 or fewer goals during regulation time in 38 of their 58 games played.

38 games!!!!

We’re talking 66% of the games the Rangers have played this season, Henrik Lundqvist or Stephen Valliquette has had to allow 0 or 1 goal in order to pick up a regulation win. 66% of the games?!?!?!?!? Are you freaking kidding me? We’re literally talking about 2 out of ever 3 games the Rangers goaltending has to be more or less flawless in order to pick up a win. Want to make your eyes really bleed? In 15 games this season, or 26%, the Rangers have scored 1 or fewer goals!!! 1 out of every 4 games the Rangers goalie literally need to be 100% perfect in order to pick up a regulation win. Somebody, ANYBODY…explain to me how Tom Renney still has a job?

Worst offense in the NHL? Big check mark there. 3rd worst power play in the league? Big check mark there as well….Did you know that every other effing team except for the Minnesota Wild and New York Islanders have at least 1 guy with more than 18 goals scored….EXCEPT FOR US?! And remember, the Wild lost Gaborik for the season, if he wasn’t out, he would easily have over 18 at this point. You’re telling me that this is the worst offensive roster in the entire NHL (when factoring games in hand, the Rangers lag behind the Isles)? Seriously?! This sickens me folks, this absolutely sickens me. You can not play 1 out of every 4 games perfect, it is humanly impossible. You can not play 2 out of ever 3 games near perfect, that is also humanly impossible. The fact that we are where we are is a testament to our goaltending, but even now our goaltending is beginning to show signs of faltering under the constant pressure of demanded perfection. Here’s a tip Renney, we suck because you don’t have a fricking clue how to coach the offense. Hell, give me a mediocre, ~15th ranked Power Play that doesnt give up an ass load of goals against. Let’s hypothetically say our PP% was 14th in the NHL, at 19.6%, and that we had given up an average number of SHG..5. Do you know how that changes our stats? Just an average Power Play? We go from a goal differential of 144 goals for, and 162 goals against to 159 goals for and 153 goals against. Think that 24 goal differential might make a difference in our record? Seriously, think about it, a mediocre Power Play would probably bring us from 6th in the East to neck and neck with Jersey in the division.

But no, for Renneys entire tenure here the Power Play has been brutal sans Jagr going apeshit right out of the lockout. No movement, no plan, just playing with the puck like it’s a live hand grenade. Nothing in terms of chances generated. It kills our momentum, it kills anything we manage to accomplish, and yet this jackass continues to sit behind the bench. If for no other reason, Glen Sather should be fired for subjecting us to this neutered bullshit hockey style we are forced to watch night in and night out. Are you effing entertained watching your team score 2 or fewer goals 66% of the effing time?! I sure as hell am not.

Want to know why the Rangers get no play in the newspapers Steven (from the NYRangerscast?). Because its more effing exciting to watching CC Sabathia throw 20 pitches in the bullpen, than to watch this disgrace of a hockey team. What is there even to write about at this point? I’m guessing Larry Brooks’ next headline will be something along the lines of….we suck, I give up, please assign me to watch Golf like Sam Weinman.

This team disgusts me, and it should disgust you too. And anyone who still has any sympathy for Tom Renney is absolutely delusional in my books.

UPDATE: One last thing.

Tom Renney: “This was a winnable game for us. I think we gave St. Louis something to think about. I thought they had to elevate their level of intensity because of how we were playing them. We lost the game on two faceoffs.”


We gave the 3rd worst team in the West, and the 8th worst team overall something to think about. Oh yeah, we totally did.

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