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Posted these 2 little posts on the message boards, figured it was worth mentioning here.

Let me ask you this…

Before last night, how many florida panthers forwards could you name? 4? 5? Thats about as many as i could remember.

That scrubby lineup has outscored us by 17 goals while allowing 4 fewer goals than us.

A net 21 goal differential….21 mother effing goals.

You tell me coaching doesnt make a difference.

Followed by…

Lets compare their top 10 returning players (based on production this season) from last season.

1)Weiss, This season on pace for 56 pts, last season scored 42
2)Booth, This season on pace for 55 pts, last season scored 40
3)Horton, This season on pace for 53 pts, last season scored 62
4)JBo, This season on pace for 44 pts, last season scored 37
5)Campbell, This season on pace for 40 pts, last season scored 18
6)Dvorak, This season on pace for 36 pts, last season scored 17
7)Zednik, This season on pace for 37 pts, last season scored 26
8)Peltonen, This season on pace for 33 pts, last season scored 20
9)Kreps, This season on pace for 21 pts, last season scored 25
10)Skrastins, This season on pace for 18 pts, last season scored 5

It’s interesting, of the 10 best players returning from last seasons team, only 2 are on pace to have worse seasons. After losing their best player (By far and away) in Jokinen, they somehow were able to get more talented magically overnight. collectively this group, the exact same players from last season, added 101 points while adding ZERO players, count em, ZERO players on the forward line of consequence.

The only difference here, is the coach. THATS IT.

The team went from 22nd in the NHL in goals per game, lost Ollie Jokinen, and jumped up to 15th in the NHL this season.

Coaching, its important.

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