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On one hand you have the New York Rangers, spiraling out of control, suddenly pulling their season away from a precipice that you can never recover from. You have a team showing a ballsy effort, scoring goals, playing good defense (Henrik Lundqvist was not good, 2 of those goals he should have had, both Greens), keeping AO in check…in short, playing a very strong game. On the other hand you have Tom Renney essentially having his job taken away from him with another loss.

Now part of me is thrilled the Rangers were able to play well tonight. Id say a huge part of me. Like 80% of me. But there is still a decent sized amount of me that is annoyed that they won, because to me this was the one loss that might have made Renney lose his job. They would have been on a 6 game losing streak, they might have been stonewalled again, they might have been annihilated again. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it) they were agle to play a strong game.

What part of the game really stood out to you? For me it was this.

  • Ryan Callahan, goal scored off of a rush.
  • Markus Naslund, goal scored off of a rush.
  • Paul Mara, goal scored as the trailer on a rush.
  • Only Lauri Korpikoskis goal was not scored directly off of a rush. Do you guys now see why I am so obsessed with this team playing an up tempo rush based, forecheck based, causing turnover based game? And really they kept the quality chances against down to about 10. Henrik had no chance on the first 2, which isn’t surprising when you are playing a team as talented as that one, but he really should have had both of Greens goals. They were both from far out, both unscreened, and on both Henrik dropped down way too early only to have the puck sail in just over his glove hand. So giving up only 2 “legit” goals which can be faulted on the defense ain’t bad is it? Especially when you net 4 yourself, all of which were legit, non BS goals. They were goals we earned, and generated, not fluke goals like Zherdevs in the disaster in Dallas.

    I’ll say it one more time. We have the talent to play this type of game. We have the goalie to enable us to do this. We need to open it up, play faster, play stronger, play harder, cause turnovers. I don’t feel this team is beyond saving. I truly believe we have a good team. Its up to Renney to get them to play that way, and unfortunately, now we don’t have a possible savior to come in and do it. Renneys job is now secure.

    P.S. Big thanks to the guys at NYRangerscast. They mentioned the blog which was cool of them. More importantly I have successfully demonstrated the power of my constant badgering of Renney. I have turned even the most ardent of supporters against them. Did you hear the way Eric went on and on about Renney? It was like listening to sheer poetry. How about Stevens rant last episode? Ahhhhhh, bliss, sheer bliss.

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