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So I got finished with the game a little while ago and I decided to check out the message boards before posting here, and by and large I got what I expected. People overreacting, and blowing tonights loss way out of proportion. So allow me to offer some perspective.

In my personal opinion. What was saw tonight was equal parts “Business as usual” and equal parts “1 bad game”.

Look, the defensive lapses, the pokechecking instead of playing the man, the stupid turnovers. These things can sometimes happen in a snowball game like this. You can easily forget about them, and move along. I really wasn’t all that worried about the turnovers, our the softies by Vally because of the track record we have established. We have proven, for long periods of time now, that by and large the Rangers are smart with their passes, are smart with their decision making, and get great goaltending. Tonight, was an aberration in those departments.

You guys really need to get a handle on that before your head explodes. Don’t worry about the 10 spot, it is meaningless. Like Renney said in his post game interview, losing 10-2, and losing 3-2 is the same thing. It’s a loss.

So here is the real cause for concern, or at least, here is a concern that has been there during Renneys entire tenure that has as of yet not been remedied. It’s the “2” in the 10-2 and 3-2 loss scenario. Again, the Rangers were unable to generate any kind of offensive attack whatsoever. I know what you’re thinking. “Inferno, are you kidding me, offensive attack? we just lost 10-2?!”

Yeah, I know we lost 10-2, but like I just said, the 10 in the 10-2 is the aberration, it’s the rare garbage game everyone gets a few times during the season. So let’s completely ignore the parts you can more or less depend on that didn’t show up today. Instead let’s go back to the aspects you want to see improvement on.

Did the Rangers generate any kind of a forecheck? No. Did the Rangers generate any real scoring chances? Maybe 2 all game. Did the Rangers even deserve the 2 goals they got? No, they were gifts by Turco who was napping more often than not because the Rangers offensive attack can put even a starting goalie to sleep.

And don’t for a second think that the 10 spot was a reflection of the Rangers attempting to “open it up” as one poster mentioned on the message boards, or you might get this response from me (edited for language)

(His post:) In a case like tonight, how do you possibly blame this on Renney? Your goalie gave up 10 goals, you COMPLETELY changed your gameplan for a way more offensive-first approach the way we started off and we still scored 2 goals that, let’s be honest, weren’t even goals that should have been let in.

(My post:)Are you effing kidding me?

You really saw THAT out there tonight? Tonight was the same bullshit we see every single effing night. the only difference is the rangers were atrocious defensively.

People are blowing what happened tonight WAY out of proportion. All that happened is we CONTINUED to play our defensive system, with no attack game whatso-effing-ever, and generated ZERO goals. I dont count those 2 zherdev goals because they were ultra soft POS goals that are gravy goals, and not earned goals. There was no fighting for rebounds, because there was nobody going to the net (that guy was always up high). There was no attack off the rush by and large, there were no turnovers created by an aggressive forecheck like the stars did to us in spades.

Tonight was simply another day in Ranger land, except, uncharacteristically, the Rangers decided to stickcheck instead of playing the man, they decided to make retarded bonehead turnovers, and it burned the shit outta them.

Vally gave up 3-4 softies, and they had 5 goals directly off of turnovers. really, the rest is just Rangers hockey as usual.

No offensive attack, no sustained offensive pressure, ZERO quality scoring chances. Marty Turco could have put out a lawn chair and opened up a 6-pack for all the offensive pressure we had out there on him. The Stars basically played the game the way I want the Rangers to. Attack the shit outta the puck, be responsible defensively, pounce on turnovers, and rush the puck. Have your defenseman join the play. Get men in front.

We dont do ANY of these things. We didnt tonight, we havent all season.

Dont for a second say tonight was a result of Renney trying to open things up, because that is utter stupidity. There was no opening up. There werent many if any odd man rushes or breakaways caused by playing an up and down game. There were odd man rushes and breakaways caused by defenseman and forwards stick checking and letting guys power right through them.

Tonight wasnt any kind of statement game imho. it was just a bad game by the players all around, but clearly continued the systemic problems weve had all season long. Inability to score goals, inability to attack the puck, etc. The defensive aspect, and goaltending aspect will be there 9 times out of 10.

So, there you have it. Don’t be worried about this loss because of the 10 goals given up. Be worried about this loss because of the 2 goals (really 0 goals) scored.

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