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It just so happens the 5 worst teams in the NHL happen to be in the Eastern Conference. The New York Islanders, the Ottawa Senators, the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Toronto Maple Leafs, and of course, the Atlanta Thrashers. Now the Rangers actually have a pretty good record against these teams, going 12-3-1 which is pretty damn good.

With that said I want to point something out to you guys. The combined scores in these 16 games (not counting shootouts) are Rangers:36 Opposition:30. That is a disgusting +6 against the 5 worst teams in the National Hockey League. Those combined 5 teams are a total -167 in terms of goal differential in a combined 253 games. Meaning, they end up as a -.66 G/G on average. If you take their average – G/G and multiply it by the 16 games weve played against them, the Rangers goal differential should be +11, nearly double where they are at now. Instead we have what you can only call typical Tom Renney hockey. Keeping games that should be easy wins, into nail biters. In essence turning every game this team plays well in, into a nail biter, regardless of the opposition. Sure, by and large we are winning the games we should win, sans tonight, but that’s not really what this is about. It’s about keeping every single game super close. Never being able to sit back and enjoy an ass whooping. No, every, single, game is do or die. And sometimes, you die. It just seems like there is never an easy game for this team.

Adam Graves must have been very disappointed in what he saw tonight. He saw a Rangers team look absolutely unable to put a puck past a team with the 2nd worst GAA in the entire NHL. This was a man who held the Rangers single season scoring record till Jaromir Jagr came along, and did whatever it took to put in a goal, and yet the team he played all those great years for, looked very much like a team unwilling to do whatever it takes to score.

I am disappointed in this team more than anything. I don’t know if we necessarily deserved to lose tonight, we did play fairly well. But when you play this constant game of Russian Roulette where you play these close games and any single mistake can cost you a win, these things happen. And don’t forget, we were 10 seconds away from being shutout in consecutive games, but even with that 1 goal, the Rangers have still only managed a combined 3 goals in their past 3 games. Something needs to be done to get this offense jump started, and I still stand behind my statement that what needs to change is Tom Renney. If you can’t fire the guy, at least get him to get this team to play a more aggressive forechecking game.

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