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Just a few quick notes, I dont have time to do a full write up, so I’ll just make these 2 points:

  • For those defending Renney and his system, imho it all comes down to this.

    Tom Renneys system dictates that we MUST, not should but MUST play flawless 60 minute hockey where our goaltender stands on his head. There are no ifs, ands or buts. We can not overcome mistakes, we can not bail out a bad night by Henrik (which tonight clearly was). We play for ties. Period. End of story. Even the Pens announcers were talking about how the Rangers are playing for shootouts. We generate no sustained pressure. We secede the offensive zone without any pressure whatsoever, we take ZERO risks, our defense no longer is getting involved in the rush. Right now our team is a 2-1 team. Like it or not with Renney behind the bench that is how it will be. If we play the flawless hockey, we stand a chance at winning 2-1.

    We will NEVER blow out another team. We will NEVER have a laugher of a game. We will ALWAYS be playing like its the 7th game of the Stanley Cup, and eeking out 1 goal wins, or adding an empty netter for 2 goal wins.

    THAT is my biggest problem here. If you think any team can play absolute flawless hockey like this, every single game, youre dreaming. In the end youre going to have a team wore down by playing this type of hockey by the end of the season, and a team which will simply never be able to overcome any sort of flaws by their goaltender. If Henrik gives up more than 1 goal on any given night, we have less than a 50% chance of winning. If he gives up more than 2 goals, we have probably a less than 20% chance of winning. And if he gives up more than 3, my guess is our % is closer to 1%.

    The Penguins play a 1-2-2, and did so well because they have the individual offensive players who can generate offense all by their lonesome to do so. We clearly do not without Jaromir Jagr. As such we need to adjust the way we play, not to batten down the hatches even more so. Renneys solution is to be even more defensive. To back further into our zone, to take even fewer risks in the offensive end.

    In the end, youll see exactly what weve seen the past 2 days.

    we can beat the mediocre teams in tough, hard fought, close games. We can not beat the better teams unless we play an absolutely flawless game and Henrik steals a win for us. He did not, and we got blown out.

  • I think we have to all acknowledge that there is a difference between being able to score goals, and being able to score goals all by yourself.

    Nigel Dawes has proven on every single level that he is a 30 goal scorer, but he isnt good enough to do it on an individual level. Dubinsky has proven he can score goals on every level, but again, not good enough to do so all by himself. Callahan was a 30 goal scorer in Hartford, here, a lot less.

    It all comes back to the system. You have an actual system for getting these guys scoring chances, and theyll score. These arent bumbling bufoons (besides Voros) out there, these are Professional hockey players. We dont have many guys capable of doing individual efforts out there, but we do have guys who can put the puck in the net.

    If you have a system in place that takes advantage of their individual talents…IE, Speed and the ability to intercept passes and create things off of turnovers, we’d be all singing a different story now wouldnt we.

    The long and the short of it is, with Tom Renney behind the bench, we know for a fact we wont score goals. Regardless of the personnel we have, we arent scoring more than 2-3 goals a night MAX.

    We had Drury, Gomez, Shanahan, Jagr, Nylander, Straka, etc and we have NEVER been an offensive team. In fact, I recall that while doing the actual numbers a while back, weve never been “above the fold” with Renney as head coach (ranked better than 15th in the NHL in offense).

    You can give Renney all the talent in the world, but playing his system, you will always have trouble scoring goals. Its a fact of life.

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