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I feel like driving to Chicago, and ripping the 1 point out of the Chicago Blackhawks record, and giving it to the refs tonight. It’s 5am right now, and I only got through watching this game about an hour ago, but I’m wondering if I’m even going to get any sleep as mad as I am now. The Rangers played an undisciplined game, for sure. But they probably deserved about half of their penalty calls…maybe. But 5 5on3’s? Are you frigging kidding me? Marc Staal gets a misconduct? I’ve never seen the kid open his mouth in a game, let alone do anything misconduct worthy. The Hawks spent almost half of an entire period on one long consecutive power play. It was just a sight to behold.

A few games ago the Rangers went almost 60 full minutes without getting a power play, and they only started to get calls when the game was no longer in doubt. This was simply incredible to watch. Just an abysmal display of reffing competence. In my Rec game tonight we had a ref call a misconduct for a player who shot a puck on goal 1/1000th of a second after the whistle blew…and I’d consider that a good call when compared to the steaming pile of crap we had to see tonight.

Luckily the Rangers showed me some real character by defying the odds. They stuck together, played AMAZING defensive hockey, gave their goalie a real chance out there by defending him like madmen on all those penalty kills, and they scored 3 great goals. Captain Clutch gets the first and last goals for us, sandwiching a real beauty of a play by Lauri Korpikoski. You see, it’s games like this that makes me feel justified in saying that I would much rather keep Chris Drury on this club than Scott, can’t shoot the puck worth a damn, Gomez. At least Drury can score you some goals, and he seems to make his goals really count. Gomez on the other hand doesn’t score anything other than rebound tap ins, or empty netters. Gomez relies on other players putting the puck in the back of the net to get his points. In short, Gomez needs to be the player we really focus on getting rid of, ASAP.

Real good effort by the good guys tonight. Should be very proud of the boys, they deserved 2 points. Especially playing something like 10 minutes down 1 to 2 men in 1 period, with only 3 defenseman to penalty kill (Redden, Kalinin and Mara). I’m very happy…and yet I still find myself fuming mad. What can you say…these are the Rangers, a study in nonsensical emotions.

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