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The Rangers are no longer an NHL team. I’m not sure if everyone has heard yet, but they’ve officially been changed to a punchline.

A rabbi, a priest and a minister walk into a bar. The New York Rangers.

Are you laughing? Because I sure am. I mean, at this point, there is nothing left but the comedy. We had yet again another short handed goal against. We had yet another game where our power play simply could not gain the offensive zone, leave alone actually get pucks to the net and scoring chances. We had yet another game where Petr Prucha proved that his sitting out most of this season has been an absolute travesty of epic proportions (expect him to sit the next game to give Fritsche a look). And we also had a game with the first ever NHL slap fight. Paging Mr. Queermo?

I mean, what the hell was that all about? I’m going to slap you Staal, I’m going slap slap happy, slappity slappity slap . I have been watching hockey for my share of years, but I have never seen anything even remotely like that. I mean for Christs sake Semin was even wearing a pink shirt to boot! I mean, I give the guy credit for fighting a guy much bigger than him, but turtle, or throw punches, don’t slap the guy! You’re on national television! You know this video is going to follow you around for the rest of your career, like the sight of Mike Modano being dropped out of the ambulance when he was on the stretcher, or when Patrick Stefan missed the open net with the Stars only to have the Oilers tie the game up with a few seconds to go.

Getting back to the Rangers it’s hard to even make posts on this site anymore. Everyday it’s the same thing. Tom Renney’s bullshit system of sitting back and never getting any scoring chances (22 shots on goal, maybe 3 legit scoring chances), and another day of overpaid vets being vastly outplayed by younger, hungrier kids (on both teams). Scott Gomez and Chris Drury are flat out embarrassing the Rangers crest with their efforts. Drury doesn’t even bother playing anymore, he just thinks he is at public skates with his wife or something. He doesn’t win faceoffs anymore, our PK is starting to fall off, he is on the ice for seemingly every single goal against, he doesn’t get shots, he doesn’t set up his teammates. I mean, how on earth is it even possible that Nigel Dawes and Ryan Callahan are outplaying their centermen Chris Drury? Does that even seem like a possibility, leave alone a fact!?

Right now this power play is just epically slaughtering this team. It’s bad enough they are absolutely incapable of scoring a goal when up a man, but this season they have gone from being unable to score to giving away goals as well. They can’t score when up a man, they can’t score at even strength, they just can’t seem to put pucks in the net.

And don’t give me that bull that the Rangers just don’t have enough offensive firepower to score goals, because that’s the same excuse I’ve been hearing on a Tom Renney coached team for over 3 years now. Its just amazing though isnt it? Its always the players fault that this team can not score goals.
3 years ago, Jagr goes bonkers, Prucha explodes out of nowhere, we still only finish at 14th (3.05G/G) in the NHL in offense. Clearly we dont have the players…

We add a 40 goal scorer from the previous year in Shanahan to help fix the problem.

So 2 years ago we had more or less the same team, added Shanahan, and our offense dropped from 14th in the NHL to 18th in the NHL (2.84G/G). Damn! I guess we still have too many round holes and square pegs! How about we have more or less the same team, subtract Nylander and add Chris Drury (a 37 goal scorer the year before) and Scott Gomez (a steady 60-75 point getter) and im sure that will bring in more offense right?

We drop from 18th in the NHL in offense to 25th (2.5 G/G).

Ok, it must all be Jagr and the Czech connections fault, you know because we have all these square pegs and round holes, so lets dismantle that team, get rid of Jagr, Shanahan, Straka, Avery, etc, and try a more or less completely different group of players. Lets put together a team that Tom Renney has more or less either drafted, or has been here since before they arrived (IE, he must have had some hand in picking what players he wants, but will have to deal with whatever players are there before he gets here)

So this year we go from 25th in the NHL to 26th in the NHL (2.5 G/G)

Is it possible…just possible, that we DO have the horses to be score goals?

Is it possible, just possible, that this team as constructed should be a viable contender for the cup?

I mean, clearly adding more talented players, or adding players that Tom Renney has a direct impact in signing doesnt help our cause offensively, so maybe, just maybe, there is another reason why this team can’t score goals.

I dunno, you tell me, because at this point, I am almost tired of watching this sad pathetic excuse for a hockey team, and that starts with the management and works its way all the way down the roster sans maybe 5 or 6 players.

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