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This is a Rangers team that went toe to toe with the super powered offensive juggernaut Detroit Red Wings. This is a Rangers team that absolutely dominated the San Jose Sharks, also an offensive juggernaut. This is a Rangers team that outplayed a Ducks team that is as good an all around team as there is in the league. In each of these cases they did so by playing a very strong offensive game in addition to being responsible defensively.

Following tonight’s disastrous game against the Devils, Tom Renneys post game comments are as follows:

“What I feel is they’re programmaed in a certain way that’s not conducive to how we have to play to have success with this group. We’ve got to fight hard to break that habit. It’s no secret when we’ve had good games we’ve all played the same way. There’s enough good reference points to recongize that we know how to play this game, play it well and compete with anybody. We’ve also had something creep into our game and that’s a lack of commitment to the detail of playing. We end up cheating because we’re not a high-scoring team. It’s plain and simple. Until we get our heads around winning 2-1, we’re going to have nights like this all the time.

So, Tom Renneys solution is to get even MORE defensive. To further neuter this team, to further remove any semblance of creativity from guys like Dubinsky and Zherdev. Why has Dubinsky been slumping so badly? Interestingly enough his extreme down turn coincides perfectly with the benching Tom Renney gave him when he was over aggressive, and playing his skill game which caused a few turnovers. This is back when the Rangers actually played reasonably good hockey. So, he has already neutered Dubinsky, now his eye is on Zherdev. Guess who rode the pine in the 3rd? The team leading +/- forward Nikoali Zherdev. Z saw less than 4 minutes of ice time in the 3rd…why? Because he is our only creative offensive player, and you can’t have creative hockey under Tom Renney.

Sather said that he wanted to build an up tempo offensive team. Remember his preseason comments? He said he wants to be like the Penguins, he said that is the type of hockey that wins. Well Tom Renneys comments above say one of 2 things. Either Tom Renney believes Glen Sather did not give him a team capable of playing that type of hockey (IE, Sather sucks at his job), or Tom Renney is incapable of getting his team to play that kind of game. Either way if I were the GM I would fire Renney, because he is either calling me (the GM, not the blogger) a moron, or he is saying in no uncertain terms that he is incapable of getting this team to play that kind of hockey.

Are you listening Slats?

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