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The script was supposed to go something along the lines of…

The only thing better than getting Mark Teixeira under the tree this year was getting a Rangers team that has finally turned it around.

And so it seemed, for the first 20 or so minutes, the Rangers were getting some very good scoring chances to go with some very good goaltending and some….pretty good defense which all added up to a 3-0, and then a 4-0 lead. Of course these are Tom Renneys New York Rangers we’re talking about aren’t they? These aren’t guys who will see a floundering and suffering team and step on their throats, this is a team that takes their foot off the pedal and goes into defensive collapse mode anytime they take a lead of any sort. They seem content to run out the clock, and time after time after time after time they blow these leads. Remember last year when the Rangers had like 5 or 6 games in a row or something absurd like that where they blew 2 goal leads? Remember the 5-0 collapse to the Habs? Remember the 3 goal lead in the 3rd period the Rangers blew to the Lightning? What we saw tonight wasn’t and aberration folks, it was a culmination of 3 years of Tom Renney hockey. When you have the lead, you run out the clock. The bigger the lead, the more defensive you go. But that’s the problem isn’t it? It’s not what got you there, it’s the opposite of what got you there. When you go up 4-0 with some really good scoring chances, you shouldn’t take the foot off the pedal and allow the other team to dictate play, you should ram the puck down their effing throats and make them choke to death on it.

Let’s just say I am a big time believer in the old adage that the best defense is a good offense. I am also a firm believe that the Rangers have the offense to go toe to toe with any team in this league, what I am beyond convinced of though, is that Tom Renney is not the coach to lead us to the promise land.

How sure am I of this? On both my regular message board haunts, I have been, for 3 years now, screaming at the top of my lungs that Tom Renney is just not the guy for this team. Well, take a look at this thread over on the HFBoards Rangers section, in it, towards the end, you will see more and more people who were hefty on the side of Renney start to throw in the towel. And on my other regular haunt, the ECSF boards there is another thread where more and more folks are jumping on the fire bandwagon. Now I should warn you, this thread is definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK, there is a lot of obscene language, but since I am ok with that, I will let you decide whether or not this thread is for you.

In the latter thread there is a post by Savior-Self that I wanted to highlight. The reason being that, despite his bizarre, and often times psychotic style of posting, he has always been an ardent supporter of Renneys. We have had many, many….MANY heated arguments over the years on Renney, with me coming on the side of, “he sucks”, and him coming on the side of, “he is the best thing to happen to this franchise”.

Here is his edited post:

I’m not the type that flops around like an emotional wreck after games like these… but that said, I’m personally done as far as supporting Tom Renney goes…

Look… there’s a reason this team has proven to be a cohesive trainwreck time and time again under this man … and that’s because the f***face has the squad sit back on their thumbs anytime they’re so lucky as to gain momentum or get a lead…

He doesn’t have the balls to play for the W. He gameplans around gimmick points, even when playing at home. He f***s too much with the line combinations, not enough with the powerplay, and way too much with any ounce of grit the team has in their loins. Maybe, just maybe, Tom IS the reason we can’t score. The reason why our players don’t click with one another, can’t set each other up, constantly pass up shots, and don’t generate legitimate scoring chances in any tempo of any game.

Only recently have I seen a consistent forecheck. Only recently have I seen the promised, improved breakout. Only recently have I seen this team execute both aspects only to fall back into their shell immediately after…

You begin to understand the p***y mentality when you realize that they’ve been neutered into playing this particularly inept way…

I love the man’s brainpower and character, but we’re starting to see the semblance of a coach who cannot adjust swiftly enough. An overly patient man whose structure now breeds impatience…

It’s time for a change.

I’m going to leave you with that, a very happy Inferno that finally some of the Renney supporters are seeing the light. Next stop….Eric Rothman and Steven Gelbs.

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