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There is a lot to be angry about with regards to tonights loss. First and foremost the team was badly out muscled, and made to look like sissy little school girls out there for most of the night. Secondly outside of Chris Drury’s penalty shot, the team got next to no high quality scoring chances all night. Even their goal was a flukey deflection play. Thirdly the reffing in this game was absolutely atrocious. A goal that shouldn’t have counted, did count, a goal that was questionable on if it hit the netting or not (I am not convinced it hit the glass) counted. Our goalie was freight trained twice, no calls. We were called for too many men on the ice on a questionable play, but later in the game when the Capitals actually had the puck hit off of a guy going for a change (whose replacement player had already gone onto the ice) we got no call. When the Capitals goalie sent the puck the length of the ice, there was inexcusably no icing called. But all this pales in comparison to a puck that went in that shouldn’t have counted.

The reasoning presented was that the goal was not completely off the peg, but it was at least 6 inches off the goal line, the peg was clearly visible and at an angle, and to me that easily qualifies for a net that is off. What’s the test for it? If the ref noticed it, he would have blown the whistle correct? To me, that is all that matters. Horrendous officiating that out and out cost the Rangers at least 1 point.

Don’t get me wrong, the Rangers had their chances, but this confluence of things that happened really angered me tonight, hence the video rather than the customary game photo.

Another thing that has me so irate is the way we looked like pushovers out there. The Capitals hit us, and hit us, and caused so much havoc in our defensive zone because of it. This is one of this teams achilles heels, we are not built to withstand a true aggressive hard hitting team, especially one that can skate. I liked that Staal and Dubinsky threw a few hits in the 3rd, but it was far too little, far too late. In my opinion, as soon as Henrik was run for the second time, one of our forwards should have annihilated their goaltender. He should have had to leave the ice on a stretcher. Henrik Lundqvist is this team. Period. In this game, if he wasn’t god-like, we lose 6-1, if not worse. When the opposition starts taking runs at your goalie, you need to make a statement. And if it isn’t going to be their goalie who takes the hit, then one of their star forwards needs to leave the ice with a cracked jaw courtesy of a cross check to the teeth.

I’m going to leave it at that, I’m furious right now and don’t want to raise my blood pressure too high by thinking too hard about this game.

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