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So, basically for the entire preseason I have been saying the Rangers are making 1 or 2 extra passes killing glorious scoring opportunities, and that their goaltending has been terrible. Sadly this negative trend continued this afternoon against the Devils at Madison Square Garden. Despite picking up the first goal for the Rangers, Markus Naslund has continued his hyper unselfish play to the detriment of the team. Look Markus, I get it, believe me, I do. You are a new player coming to a new team with some good players, you don’t want to appear as a selfish “me first” player. However your continual overpassing is getting to the point where it is a detriment to us out there. You were brought in here for 2 simple reasons. 1, you have the speed to keep up with this new attack game we are implementing, and 2, you have a wicked wrist shot. For f***s sake USE IT!!!

Henrik Lundqvist was terrible out there today as well. He let in 4 goals, all of them on low shots where he was unable to either get down in time, or to cover his 5 hole. This is antithetical to Henriks game. He has always been strong down low, particularly closing the 5 hole quickly. Today he was a second or 2 slow in getting those areas covered. This seriously scares me because of the reports of Henrik having knee issues. If he was getting beat up high, you could just write it off as a butterfly goalie getting beat in the areas he is obviously weak at. Hopefully against SC Bern he looks better, because right now, that is 2 consecutive starts for Henrik where he has just looked putrid, particularly down low. I get that it’s preseason, but we also have to get that this is Henrik, if there is any chance he is hurt, you might as well start printing the John Tavares jerseys right now.

Regarding the line pairs that Tom Renney used, I actually thought they looked pretty good out there. I thought Dubinsky and Zherdev, after some initial miscommunication, looked quite good out there, particularly on Zherdev’s short handed goal, and on one 2 on 2 rush where they did 2 consecutive criss-crosses to try to disrupt the defense (it didn’t work, but it was a nice try.) Also the Naslund – Gomez – Drury trio did generate a few scoring chances, including one where Drury had an easy chance on a rebound of his own shot to get the Rangers back into it, where he shot it just wide left.

The saddest part about all this though is that the combination of Callahan and Korpikoski, which had about 3 shifts out there, was unable to show their stuff for an entire game. Korpedo, inexcusably was thrown out of a play that wasn’t even a penalty, let alone a major which deserved a game misconduct. When Chico the uber Devil homer even says it’s a terrible call, you know the refs missed one. Korpedo did have a few superb shifts in a row before being thrown out. I truly hope Tom Renney sees that as a positive. There is no reason for Korpedo to not make this team. He is literally the exact type of player that would fit in perfect with Tom Renneys style of hockey. Defense first, speed to burn, and a whole truck load of untapped offensive potential.

Wade Redden is also trying his hardest to convince the fans out there that he is Marek Malik, not Wade Redden. Again he was caught flat footed on a play, and again he missed a wide open net with a chance to get the Rangers back into the game. It’s probably nothing, I still believe in this guy more than anyone else out there (I’ve always been a huge Redden fan, always will be), but I just hope Wade gets his act together sooner rather than later. Rangers fans can be fickle as hell, even if you turn things around for a while, the slightest screw up, once they have targeted you, will lead to the shower of boos again. I hope he realizes that.

Finally the other standout in my personal opinion was Colton Orr. It is clear the guy has tried a ton to become more than just a goon. He can now skate at a level at least 10% faster than Shanahan was last year, and he is showing something he has never shown before, hockey sense. Is he a regular everyday player? Honestly I’m not sure, I think it will be tough with so many people deserving of roster spots. However he has definitely made a huge case for himself to be just that.

We have a few days off here, but unfortunately I have hockey games of my own on Sunday and Monday night, I will try to get to Part 4 of my season preview after one of those games, if I get time.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.

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