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No live blog tomorrow, but I will post updates when I get free time. I’ll do a full review on what the Rangers did tomorrow evening, because they should be more or less finished by that point with getting who theyre gonna get.

Heres what I would like done tomorrow…

Right now the team looks something like…

Prucha Gomez Callahan
Dawes Drury Korpikoski
Sjostrom Dubinsky Rismiller
Voros Betts Orr

Staal Redden
Rozsival Girardi
Tyutin Backman


Weve got 9 million to spend.

Waive Backman
Now you have 11.3 million to spend.

Waive Hollweg
Now you have 11.8 million to spend.

Trade Tyutin for this guy:

Ottawa needs defense, and hes an RFA.

Sign him for 3 years at 2.2 per


Sign Marian Hossa for 6 years @ 8 mil per

Sign Brooks Orpik for 4 Years @ 4.4 per

Your roster now looks like this:

Vermette Gomez Hossa
Dawes Drury Callahan
Korpikoski Dubinsky Prucha
Sjostrom Betts Voros

Staal Redden
Rozsival Orpik
Girardi Potter


You will have ZERO cap flexibility for the next 4 years. Basically the Rangers will be fielding this exact team for the next 4 years, more or less. You have just enough money with cap increase to resign your RFA’s. As kids come up, you can trade pieces for picks to make room, and stockpile more talent in the minors. For example, you can build up Pruchas value this year, and then trade him to make room for Cherepanov next year. You can build up value in Potter or Girardi, and trade them to make room for Sanguinetti, and so on.

I guess ive been a little bitchy today, which probably goes with the territory of being a stat junkie and a very analytical person, but I think this could work both short term, and long term.

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