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-Ive been here the entire time, but the Rangers are still silent. So far weve got Salvador and Pandolfo back to the Devils, Green back to the Caps, the Canes and Oilers swapping Cole and Pitkanen, Stuart reupping for a very Wing friendly contract, the Pens reupping Dupuis, and Perry back to the Ducks.

-Apparently the Rangers have qualified Dawes, Sjostrom, and Jessiman, all good moves imho.

-Vrbata to Tampa. Sheesh, how many forwards can one team sign?!

-Wheeler to Boston now official.

-Dellapina on NHL Network in a few seconds…

-Dellapina spot on that Shanahans presence directly attributable to Pruchas decline.

-Wild sign Brunette, and acquire Zidlicky. Both good moves.

-Cujo back to the leafs. First Raycroft, then Toskala, now Cujo. God Toronto is such a cluster****.

-The Canucks sign RFA Welwood to a contract, its low, so if the Leafs dont match they get no compensation.

-Another minor move, Pittsburgh Penguins re-sign UFA D Mark Eaton to a 2 year deal worth $2-million. No comment, don’t really know the player all that well.

-Apparently the Pens have offered Jagr a contract. Imagine a PP featuring Crosby, Jagr, Malkin, Gonchar, Staal, and Sykora. Christ. Their top LINE of Dupuis-Crosby-Jagr would score more than our entire organization.

-Canucks offer Sundin 2 years 20 million bucks, see ya Mats, no thanks at that kind of money.

-From Dellapina: For those of you puffing on the Sundin-Jagr pipe dream, I just got an e-mail reply from NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly confirming the report yesterday from TSN’s Bob McKenzie that the performance bonus cushion is not available this year…

Yeah, were effed.

-Olie the Goalie signs with Tampa. Man, Tampa is going to be much better than I expected signing Olie, im a big fan of his.

-Phoenix signs UFA D Kurt Sauer to a 4 year deal (undisclosed)

-Washington signs UFA G Jose Theodore to a 2 year deal. Wow, did NOT see that one coming. Bye bye Huet I suppose.

-2 years ago all the Rangers came away with in free agency were Matt Cullen and Aaron Ward. This is more or less what I expect this year, except the main scorer, Jagr, and the heart, Avery, will be gone. Guys, at this rate, this is a lottery team, NOT a playoff team.

-Just a heads up, at about 3:45 I will have to take off for about 20 minutes.

-‘Lanche sign Raycroft. Interesting…

-Habs re-up Andrei Kostitsyn, and the Wings signed Conklin, both superb moves imho.

-Phoenix signs UFA forward Todd Fedoruk to a 3 year deal (undisclosed). He’s just trying to stay out of reach of Orr.

-Toronto signs UFA defenseman Jeff Finger to a 4 year deal worth $3.5-million a season. Jeez, overpaid much?!

-Tampa at it again, signing ex-Ranger Adam Hall. Good pickup for them, hes got size, and plays in front of the net. Good 4th liner for that team. Man, Tampa will have the entire free agent market signed to their team at the rate this is going.

-According to the fan 590, Canadians work fewer hours (than Americans), make more money, have more sex, never get unwanted pregnancies, and all have the power of telekinesis.

-Cory Stillman agrees to terms with Florida on a three year deal for $10.6 million. Cristobal Huet has signed with Chicago. Details to follow. Wow, Stillman to Florida, could that mean Bouwmeester is on the way out? Huet to Chicago is a great move for the Hawks, they are going to be a STRONG team this year.

-All the players I am really interested in, Ryder, Huselius, Hossa, Campbell, Rozsival, Redden, Jagr and Avery are all still there.

-NY Rangers sign UFA forward Aaron Voros (undisclosed) There we have it, the Rangers are done for the evening. Great signing, Stanley Cup, here we come!!!

-This signing makes no sense. hes basically Colton Orr, but somehow less talented. Ive gotta get some work done, be back in 15-20.

-Actually, Im sorta back, im sorta half here, half typing up invoices…

-He lost in a fight to Strudwick. Hes not as talented a GOON as Orr (shoulda prefaced that). Hes a 4th liner we signed for a club that has a PLETHORA of depth at that position.

IDIOTIC signing.

– Colorado signs UFA forward Darcy Tucker to a 2 year deal worth $4.5-million. No Tucker, No Avery, No Backbone.

-To me this Voros signing is like, having a car where the engine fell out, the transmission is screwed, and you have no tires, but going to the local store to buy one of those tree air freshener things. Sure, its nice to have, but wtf dude, there are other things you should address first dontcha think?

-Ottawa signs UFA goaltender Alex Auld to a 2 year deal worth $1-million…Yeah, THAT’S whats going to resolve their putrid goaltending! HAH!

-Buffalo signs UFA goaltender Patrick Lalime to a 2 year deal worth $2-million, Good backup for Miller. They need to lock Miller up long term though, hes a superb goalie, despite his troubles last year.

-All the big players are still available, with Redden apparently narrowing down his choices to SJ, Dallas, and the Rangers. Id love to have Redden, but not at the reported 7 mil per some people are discussing. 5.5-6.5 is where id like to get him at.

-Hawks on the verge of signing Campbell, 8 years, 7.1 mil per. Less than I expected him to get.

-Rangers on the verge of signing Rozsival, Hopefully its at 4@4, if so, ill be THRILLED.

-Columbus signs UFA defenceman Mike Commodore to a 5 yea deal worth $18.75 million. This might be the steal of the UFA Frenzy.

-Philadelphia signs UFA defenceman Ossi Vaananen to a one year deal worth $1-million…Who?

-Rangers have signed Patrick Rissmiller, he had eight goals and nine assists in 79 games for the Sharks last year. Yeah, that’ll sure replace Jagr, Avery, Shanahan, Straka, etc. But on the bright side, it appears Rozsival signing is imminent. FINALLY something for me to be happy about.

-Devils win Rolston sweepstakes according to Dellapina. There goes one of the last bastions of hope to get relatively inexpensive players to replace some of the guys we are losing.

-This is hilarious. Playing out almost exactly as i predicted it would (so far).

-Vancouver Canucks sign UFA forward Darcy Hordichuk to a two-year deal..Now that is a Hockey Name…Hordichuk.

-Philadelphia Flyers sign UFA forward Nate Raduns to a one-year…Who

-Philadelphia Flyers sign UFA forward Glen Metropolit to a two-year deal…Depth move, nothing more.

-New York Rangers re-sign UFA defenceman Michael Rozsiva to a four-year deal worth $20 million. 5 mil per, a bit pricey, but a good move nonetheless, we NEEDED Rozsival here, its not even a question. Now go and get me Orpik!

– Toronto Maple Leafs sign UFA forward Niklas Hagman to a four-year contract. EXCELLENT pickup for the Leafs. Always been high on Hagman, though i guess it depends on the cash ponied up here.

-Holik to NJ, Not a bad deal.


-Rangers have definitely upgraded the defense BIG TIME. Great move by the Rangers here, even though they overpaid 6.5 per for 6 years, they got a true blue #1 defenseman.

-Staal Redden
-Girardi Rozsival
-Tyutin Backman

Definitely better than last year. However If you could trade Tyutin for a scorer like say Vermette, then you could still sign Orpik and go with..

Staal Redden
Orpik Rozsival
Girardi Potter (waive backman)

-Islander signed Streit, kind of a pricey contract 5@4. Thats the end of the live blog for today, if the Rangers do anything else, I’ll be back.

-Im back, Rangers just announced they signed Vally, no details yet on his contract….

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