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The NHL draft will be taking place in just 4 short days. Usually I find myself knee deep in reading material on these kids, and this year is no exception. Although I would consider myself a prospect novice in most cases, I still read enough, and trust other peoples judgement enough to be able to couple that information with my own perceived needs and wants of the team I follow. With that said, here are my top 4 choices for the Rangers this draft:

1) Stay put, draft John Carlson. The kid has been a big time riser during the combine. Hes shown adult physical attributes, with still room to grow. He hits, he can skate, he can play offense, hes good in his own zone, he has all the tools to be an elite #1 defenseman. However he isn’t without risk. Every year there seems to be a player that comes out of nowhere, or who seems to have his value rise inexplicably only to fall back down to earth the moment hes drafted (Hugh Jessiman anyone?). I’ll admit, its risky, but I really like what Ive read about the kid, and Jess from Prospect Park speaks very highly of the kid, and we know what a prospect junkie Jess is.

2)If John is off the board at #20, as I expect him to be, draft Colten Teubert. Ive seen him go on mock drafts anywhere from 12, to 30, so there is a very good chance he could be there at #20. If he is, and Carlson isnt, take him. Hes a big time hitter, but doesnt have much offensive upside at all. Ive read comparisons to Shea Weber sans the heavy shot, which I am a-ok with. I want a kid who can punish other guys, and while John Carlsons overall game is quite appealing, Teuberts mean streak brings him up to #2 on my most wanted list.

3)If both Carlson and Teubert are gone, which is a pretty good possibilty, draft Kyle Beach if he drops as many expect. The kids attitude is in question, not his playing ability, and attitude is something the Rangers are very concerned with. Usually I prefer to pass on the head cases, but this kid may be the exception. Hes got size, hes got a chip on his shoulder, and hes got skill. He is injury prone as well, which is a little scary, but this might be one of those swing for the fences type picks, where he becomes the next Owen Nolan, or becomes the next Pavel Brendl. Time will tell.

4)If all 3 of those guys are gone, then trade down with Los Angeles, as the kings are likely trying to move up. If you can grab the 28th and 32nd picks from Los Angeles to move down 8 spots, you do it. With the 28th pick, id gamble and take Kiril Petrov. A kid who is likely to sink like a brick in this draft because of his contract situation. Im not entirely clear on what exactly his contract situation is, because I have read conflicting reports from many different places, but basically hes under contract (probably) for the next 3-4 years. He does (apparently) want to come and play in the NHL. Hes a power forward with tremendous skill, and willingness to power the puck to the net and can play either wing. We could also take a risk on Jared Staal, just because I know everyone loves the kid, and you might as well take a gamble on him with the thought that maybe you can entice one of his brothers to play here as well to play with the other 2 Staals. Tikhanov impressed the hell out of me in the juniors, and Id definitely take a risk on him with the 52nd pick. There are a few swedes as well who might be available in the 2nd round that drop because of the abundance of high quality north american players.

So there you have it. That’s what I would do with the draft.

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