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Before I do my post game, and really a post series wrap (tomorrow, Im spent today) I wanted to share with you my playoff grades for the team.

Lundqvist:A-. In a postseason where he got very little support, he stood tall. Only game 3 stands out as an un-Henrik like performance.

Roszival: C-. Didnt do anything worthy of signing his huge contract.
Giradi: B+ Pretty good, but getting called for 2 penalty shots wont win you any prizes with me.
Tyutin: F- Atrocious doesnt even begin to state how bad he was.
Staal: A+++++++++++++++++ Seriously, What more can you want from the kid?
Strudwick: C He is what he is.
Backman: F—– Even worse than Tyutin. Yikes.
Mara: B- Good series. I liked his attitude after game 4.

Avery:B- Invisible against Pittsburgh, but superb against the Devils.
Betts: D+ He was playing hurt, even before he got the facial injury. And his play definitely showed it.
Jagr: A+++++++++++++ A legend tried to carry an entire team on his shoulders, and nearly did just that.
Callahan: C- After the Devils series, he wasnt completely 100% invisible. I hardly noticed him on the ice.
Drury: B+ Didnt come through in the scoresheet, but did everything else you could possibly ask from him, including gutting it out while clearly hampered with a rib injury.
Gomez: D- How many times can you try to go one on 5 and turn it over before you realize its not friggin working?!
Dawes: D+ Outside of one good play, he was utterly invisible. I didnt even realize he was out there for most of this series.
Prucha: C- After not playing any legit minutes in months and months, hes expected to come in and be a difference maker. Sorry, hockey doesnt work like that.
Straka: D How many times can you overpass or completely miss on a shot? Hes a 3rd liner right now, nothing more.
Sjostrom: C+ I liked what I saw. Perfect 4th line winger.
Korpikoski: A+ Small sample size, but I love what I saw from him.
Hollwegg: F—————————————— Single handedly lost us this series in game 3.
Orr: D- non factor.
Dubinsky: A Absolutely love what I saw from the kid, and hes only going to get better. Id love to see him and AA play on the same line sometime.
Shannahan: F- He was finished long before these playoffs started.

Renney: F- I dont give a crap what anyone here says. To not even TRY the combinations of:
Avery Dubinsky Jagr
Dawes Gomez Shanahan
Straka Drury Callahan

When we knew how effective they were AS AN ENTIRE TEAM (not just 1 line) was absolutely disgusting. Id give Renney a B- if he at least attempted those combinations even once during the playoffs. But no, not even a sniff of those combinations. DISGUSTING
Assistants: F- How pitiful can a Power Play be? Let me count the ways…

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