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-Puck is only a few minutes from dropping. I’m nervous (when am I not?!). I woke up this morning with a bad feeling about this one.

-HAHA, that bridgestone commercial is hilarious.

-BTW, if Korpedo is in, I give it 2 enthusiastic thumbs up. We need the footspeed and the defensive responsibility on that line.

-Wow, that was some intense pressure by the Pens.

-Wow, amazing defense by Chris Drury.

-Rangers giving up a lot in their own zone. This is not the kind of game they want to play.

-*sigh* Jaromir, you know better.

-Korpedo! Good second shift. Nice shot there, almost powered it through Fleury.

-Tell me again, which team was on the PP there?

-Once the Rangers fail on this PP (comon, you know they arent going to score) you gotta keep an eye out for Malkin coming outta the box.

-YOU HAVE TO BURY THAT SHOT NIGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-The Pens had way too many super high quality chances in that period. From the Rangers perspective it wasn’t a good period because they gave up so damn much defensively. They need to be much better in containment, and in clearing the zone when they get the chance. Offensively they had a few very good chances, but MAF made the saves he had to. None particularly difficult, because we keep shooting the friggin puck wide.

-Wow, Hossa with a choke job out there.

-Shoulda been a 4 minute minor on Malone, instead, no call.

-Jagr takes 2 penalties, and draws 2 penalties. Not good giving this team so many damn chances, especially with your 2 best PKers out (drury getting stitched, betts hurt)

-Good pressure there.

-This PP is just sickening.

-I need to see that replay, Malkin went down awfully easy.

-That was definitely a penalty, but Malkin helped it. And they bury it. It was only a matter of time.

-Rozsival takes ANOTHER penalty. Thanks scumbag.

-WHAT A SAVE BY HENRIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Henrik absolutely standing on his head.

-Thats it, game over, series over, season over. *sigh*

-Ill say it again. This series was lost when Ryan Hollweg took that penalty. He doesnt take that penalty, this series is 2-2 right now.

-Hahahaha, they did an edit-undo on an obvious penalty.

-Rozsival, the goat of this game.

-Complain about the reffing all you want, but if you can’t score on the PP, does it even matter?



-Wow, what a turn of events. Win or lose, you have to be proud of the way this team has battled back.

-Doc keeps calling every player with a 2 on their jersey Korpikoski.

-Tyutin missing the net. How often do you say that in a game?

-This 3rd period has showed a ton of heart by the Rangers.

-Pens go on the PP. Not a good feeling about this.

-Overtime. Pens still have nearly 3 minutes of PP time. Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh.

-Simply a spectacular period by the Rangers. Theres no other way to say it. Tom Renney lit a fire under his teams ass, and they game through big time. Win or lose, Im really proud of the heart that was shown in that period.

-Prediction, Pens win it on a goal from Sykora. :(

-Big saves by Henrik.

-Overpassing by Staal nearly cost us.

-Wow, Rangers killed it. Im shocked.

-All Pens right now.

-Marian Hossa, coming up empty in the playoffs as usual.. *sigh*

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