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-And the puck drops.

-Straka, misses the puck at point blank range with a glorious chance to score a goal. Great…

-Penalty on the Rangers, great way to start.

-Good call btw.

-Heh, Ryan Hollweg is in. Why am I not surprised.

-Tremendous defensive play by the much maligned Tyutin. Rangers on the PP, might as well decline it.

-how the F does the ref not blow the whistle there?!?!?!?!?!

-Staal having a nightmare of a game so far.

-Wheres the call?!?!?!


-OK Period by the Rangers. You get the feeling this is a game they are going to win, but it won’t be pretty.

-I love Marty Straka, but man oh man you gotta be kidding me on some of the non plays he is making.

-Rangers are getting their chances, but they cant buy a goal.

-Shoulda been a trip on Malkin, Rangers shoulda had a 2 man advantage. Grr.

-Having a heated debate over on the NYRangersCast live blog with Michael. My point is, instead of dressing Hollweg, ag guy who hurts your team, dress Andrew Hutchinson as a 7th defenseman, and have him run the point on the PP, and only play situationally like that. Seriously, after watching this pathetic PP, how can anyone not feel that is an idea worth at least trying?

-OHHHH BABY< WHAT A MOVE BY JAGR aand he is down, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO -Pretty clean hit, cant complain about it. -Ahh, turning around is too difficult of a play for Struds. -Jagr! Clap Clap, Jagr! Clap Clap, Jagr! Clap Clap, Jagr! Clap Clap, Jagr! Clap Clap, Jagr! Clap Clap, Jagr! Clap Clap, Jagr! -Christ, our point men are just spectacular out there. -barely touched him, i dont see how he went barreling into him from a slight shove. -No goal, which is good, but he get s apenalty shot. ugh. -Ugh, comon Henrik!!! -SAVE wow, what the hell was Malkin doing there?! -superb defense there. -Prucha draws the penalty (i think) -Power play just murdering this team. -BTW, anyone who thinks Tom Renney, the head coach of this team, has zero input on how th epower play is run, is really kidding themselves. Anyways, pretty good period. Just gotta play a good 3rd. End of story. -29 minutes of strong hockey. Thats all I want. -DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBZILLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Oh my, what a save by Henrik! -2 terrible turnovers in this game by Girardi. -Rangers have the hockey gods on their side tonight. No idea how Sykora missed a wide open net like that…Musta been using Strakas stick. -Score here, and this game is going back to Pittsburgh. -Great hit there by Girardi. Physical play is huge, Rangers have been lacking it big time. -Gotta kill this one. Henrik really deserves the shutout. -Thats the game, this one is going back to Pittsburgh! Thank God, at the very least, the Rangers aren’t going to lose another series on their home ice tonight. -End of live blog. I’ll post more later.

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