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-For the record, I stole the live blog idea from Sam Weinman when he did it last year, sorry NYRangersCast!

-If we lose this series, im blaming these new edge shaving cream commercials. i swear our team hasnt looked good since those retarded commercials started.

-Sjo on the line with Gomez makes a ton of sense. Hes got the speed to keep up with Gomez and Avery.

-Anyone who has ever said they wouldn’t want Marian Hossa on their team, I hope you are paying attention.

-HOW DID THEY NOT SCORE!??!?!?!?!?!?!?

-Only Straka can miss a wide open net by 4 feet that damn close to it.

-Jagr needs to be brought back next year, no doubt whatsoever.

-Christ, did we just have 3 turnovers within 10 seconds right in front of our own net?!?!?!?

-Marc just plasters Jordan.

-New York playing great. Particularly Jagr.

-Wow, Rangers got so damn lucky.

-Rangers taking the body. I love what im seeing out there.

-I dont think thats going to count.

-This….is playoff hockey.

-Now that I see the replay, that had better count.


-Ugh. Let me ask this, why is Malkin out there and Jagr is in the penalty box?

-4 Minutes!?!?

-This is just crushing. Rangers playing very stupid out there.

-I still want to know why Jagr was in the penalty box for roughing, but his boxing partner, Malkin, conveniently gets to stay out and assist on the go ahead goal? Also, how did Callahan get 4 minutes for that play? There is no way you can draw blood from the shaft of your stick hitting a guy like that, unless he breaks his nose, and you woulda seen blood pouring outta his face if that was the case. What the hell was that?! This game aint over folks. Not with the way the Rangers played in the first period. They should be leading this one 1-0, not trailing 3-1.

-Were winning this game. I dont know why im saying this now, down 3-1, but I just got a feeling, that this team is coming back with a big time push in the next 2 periods.

-The comeback starts here. Rangers PP.

-2 man advantage. You have to score here.

-Another 5 on3. YOU HAVE TO F****** SCORE HERE!!!

-PATHETIC. 2 separate 5 on 3s and no goals. DISGUSTING.

-Thats 1. Dont doubt my precognitive skills.

-Thats 2. Dont doubt my precognitive skills.

-Leave it to Hollweg to give away all the momentum.

-Hollweg. What a guy. Possibly costing us the series.

-I don’t know what to say about that period. Coming in trailing 3-1, I was confident we would come back and win this one. After Hollweg took that penalty, and seeing 2 of our centers go out with injuries, and perhaps something wrong with Jagr because he missed his last shift, I’m not so sure anymore. We’ll see what the Rangers are made of.

-Redirection. Impossible to stop.

-Backman, great play brother.

-Season Over. I dont know what to say.

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